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Testimonials Mostly   Charles,   people   don't   take   the time   to   give   praise   so   I   always   like   to tell     people     when     they     are     doing something    right.    I    knew    this    system would    save    us    some    time    and    really streamline    things    but    I    don't    think    I realised    just    how    beneficial    it    would be.  Kind regards, Jazz. Hi Charles Love it. Does save me time being able to do it straight away rather than doing it on the computer. Cheers Jeff. Hi Charles, As    any    business    owner    would    know, time    is    money    and    with    CV    Reports report     writer     we     have     gone     from spending   an   hour   back   at   the   office   to 15   minutes   on   site.   The   Pre   purchase written     report     requires     an     on-site check   sheet   that   can   be   taken   back   to the   office   to   do   the   report.   Isn't   this double   handling?   Now   I   do   the   report on-site    with    my    new    tablet    I    answer the   questions   "tick   and   flick"   style   and then   send   the   report   its   takes   me   20% off   the   time   I   use   to.   Thanks   again   to Charles   and   the   Team   well   worth   the investment.  Kind Regards, David.

What is CV Reports and how can it help

your business?

CV Reports is typically used by inspectors.  All inspectors require an easy, efficient, consistent and accurate way to record or document their inspection findings.  Inspection findings typically consist of descriptive text, visual elements (such as tick boxes) and photographic evidence.  The CV Reports “Report Writer” app makes the job of recording your inspection findings a breeze and produces your inspection report documents in either MS Word (editable) or PDF (locked) formats. If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions then please give us a call. Is your company being held back by the burdensome task of producing inspection reports? Do you feel that your company could improve efficiency, consistency and the quality of inspection recording and report production? Do you want to be amazed at how easy and low-cost CV Reports is? We can help you revolutionise the way your company produces mobile reports.

A Typical Scenario …

You have spent all day inspecting your client’s homes and they expect your report is delivered as a matter of urgency.  So the pressure is on to get those reports out the door.  Now someone will have to sit at a computer and transfer all those inspection details (duplicated effort) into a presentable, professional report.  That person (maybe you) will likely spend a great deal of time, day after day, doing this mundane,  time consuming work.  Now imagine this - it’s taken you 5 to 10 minutes to enter your inspection findings onto your mobile device (phone or tablet) while you are on-site.  You press the “Send” button and the inspection report, within moments, arrives at your office complete with photos as an editable Microsoft Word document with little or nothing else to do but save it as a PDF document and forward it to the client - fantastic!

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